A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

A Return to Loveliness no. 20

Secret Anniversaries of the Heart

Is what Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called 'the rituals
 that lend poetry to our day and meaning to our lives.’

I have several journals that have kept my notes and
thoughts over the years. The scribblings range from

notes in school, lists, plans for home and garden to
sermon notes and some of my deepest thoughts.

They are, for the moment, for myself. But, someday
I am sure my children will come across them and
laugh, smile or draw a tear when the call to
remembrance the things that mattered most to me
and the things that drew my heart.

I find constant inspiration and joy in reading and
re-reading my Victorias. To me, in a sense, they
have become a ritual of my heart. They draw out of

me desires and longings for a kinder, gentler life –
as was often quoted, ‘A Return to Loveliness’.

I hope my children will see this and understand
this part of their mother and perhaps draw for
themselves the beauty and the charm that I have found.


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