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A Return to Loveliness

Living Each Day 
With Roses Entwined

In the month of February, several of
the issues of Victoria Magazine
noted the romance of roses.

In the February 2000 issue,
M. F. K. Fisher is quoted as saying, "I think we are all in the same boat: We love roses,
helplessly, stubbornly. If I could be one, I'd be full-blown, with a heart not so full-blown
that there is nothing left but the petals. I'd be like my mother...like the first rose she ever 
spoke of to me: the Frau Karl Druschki--tall, pale, richly perfumed..."

In February 1993, a "House Dedicated to Roses" is introduced. 

'Outside every window, the perfume of roses'. 

"Plant a rosebush every year and you will not have lived in vain".
-Henry Bowen
Also, in the 1993 issue a home with roses enbued in every room 
is explored.

In the 1996 issue Gerry Tandy's shop, Rose Cottage is shared as
well as her home.

Tandy shared that "it took me more than a year to get it right. But now after work,
I open the door and get a wonderful feeling of homecoming.

Known as the City of Love or the City in Pink, Paris is also
known for its gardens and roses. Shops where roses bloom were
shared in the 1995 issue

In the 1994 issue A rose covered house is shown with both real
and painted roses.

A Painter's Sweet Village

A Painter's Sweet Village
French Impressionist painter Henri Le Sidaner described
the Ville de Gerberoy as "a sweet refuge".

In the  1993 issue A rose covered house is shown with both real
and painted roses.
"A breathtaking moment when a rose garden is at its peak always lingers
in the mind's eye." Artist Lee Ames painted cascading roses for a couple
who wished to not wait until spring to enjoy the beauty of the rose.


"She Who Gardens Twice Gardens Best"

Sarah Jempson's story is told revealing how she completed
her garden and had to 'rethink' it following a devastating storm.

Victoria showed also, that the rose's special beauty is not only
in a garden or in a home, but is also when worn. 
These are but a few of the many stories found in the pages
of Victoria magazine praising the queen of the garden, the rose. 

These are but a few of the many stories found in the pages

of Victoria magazine praising the queen of the garden, the rose. 
For some, winter's hold still has its grasp on your garden, and for others
 a hint of spring has been in the air. In the pages of Victoria, we can 
escape to worlds and to times where it can be eternally spring in the heart.

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Spring Blog Party

Celebrate Spring 
As the birds sing, the sun shines longer,
the air is touched with warmth
we anticipate the arrival of

I invite you to join me for a special

A Return to Loveliness
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Tuesday, March 22.
Celebrate Spring

To Join:
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You can share your garden, your change in 
home decorating, your favorite spring china,
anything that inspires you to the loveliness of
Spring. You may, if you wish include
the inspiration and influence of
Victoria Magazine in your life and in your home.
Especially, in your celebration of Spring.
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A Return to Loveliness

I'll Take Romance
A Return to Loveliness

The pages of the February issues of Victoria Magazine
are among the most romantic.

Romantically composed, the issues invite you
to be their Valentine.

Then you're swept away to 
beautiful scenery of
romantic flowers, lace, table settings
and romantic dining.

February issues are among the most treasured
next to the Christmas issues.

I think Nancy Lindemeyer said it
so well in her "Dear Friends letter
in the 1999 issue. 

"Yes, I do hear a waltz and seek out a slipper moon,
so slim and delicate, and make wishes. I keep close to my heart.
I tarry outside flower-shop windows and gaze at the 
bouquets of roses wrapped in white paper and tied with
luscious red ribbons. I sip champagne and indulge my fancy 
for chocolate. In short, the happiness in my heart
knows no bounds in this month of love and joy.
What better time to admire a glowing bride or a child
with a tiny gold heart around her sweet neck? We romantics
are members of a secret society, and know each other by the 
way our eyes shine on a starry night and how we sway ever
so gently to a band playing old-fashoined love songs."
Nancy Lindemeyer

 Beautiful covers depicting the most romantic of flowers

There is much to find to love in the February issues of Victoria Magazine
I am thrilled with the newest issue, of which I shared a little bit here.
What a glorious month - filled with love, joy and promises.
I hope you find as much loveliness in the issues of Victoria as I do
both past and present.
Happy Valentines,

Victoria Magazine

The latest issue of Victoria magazine is chock full of

One, or two of the things I found enchanting 
were these botanical prints you can 
download from their website here.

You can now Tweet with Victoria Magazine folks!
How cool is that!

I spent some time last night flipping through this
latest issue - I sighed with pleasure at all the 
beautiful photography from Ireland.

I am so enjoying the sweetness and the love 
in February, but in March
My heart will be green and will be in Ireland!

I hope you enjoy these prints as much as I
do their possibility is endless!

Wishing you a very Delightsome - Beeutiful day,

Special Ireland Issue

Is this a first for Victoria Magazine? I think so! I will have to go through
the previous March issues! My heart is singing!

Oh! To visit the charming places featured in
the current issue. I need special time
to sit and to enjoy this issue.
It is full of promise
Spring Gardening,
Irish Gardens
Dining Alfresco
sooo much.
And oh, and that strawberry dessert look luscious?

Also, have you pre-ordered your 

It is available  here and is slated to be out in March!

Spring - Gardening and Victoria!

Sounds Like time for another special 
A Return to Loveliness Party!

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The Magic of Words

Some people have the gift of taking words 
and transporting us to other places
reaching into our hearts and revealing
our innermost thoughts and dreams.

One such person was Merle Shain, 
who was featured in the February 1989 issue
of Victoria.

"Merle Shain has been credited with having
insights as sharp as finely cut crystal. One 
wonders if she has not been inspired by the
quality of the things she has gathered about her

so many have the richness of treasures long
stored in trunks or the vivacity of a newly 
bloomed garden. A collector with the soul of a 

curator, Merle takes pleasure in finding and 
displaying her collectibles. 

" We can talk of give and take,
of what one must do if one wants love,

of all the sacrifices one must make,
but the hardest thing of all is to see
other  persons  as they really are, 
and love them for themselves, and 
understand that hearts cannot be 
demanded as a tithe...and one does not
earn a lover's wage by giving love to 
oneself, only by giving it to another".

"All of life is a learning experience.
Learning how to see ourselves and others
in a kinder, gentler light, learning how to 
see life not so much as a box but as a river,
learning how to juggle your own frailties
and those of others with equal care,
learning that helping someone love themselves
is a far better way to get love for yourself
than demanding that they love you...."

Merle passed away that same year.

Her words, though, are kept for us to 
read and to treasure in her works.

Some Men Are More Perfect Than Others
When Lovers Are Friends
Hearts That We Broke Long Ago
Courage My Love
Victoria Magazine introduced us to 
loveliness in word and in picture.
Introduced us to wonderful 
Victoria Magazine brings a bit of bliss
into our lives.

Thank you so much for stopping by - 
I always appreciate your visit!

Wishing you a very Delightsome, romantic day,

Images and quotes from Victoria Magazine February 1989