A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

The August issues of Victoria Magazine, classic,
featured entrepreneurial women.
Shopping for Romance
was a repeated theme.
In the 1993 issue, Nancy Lindemeyer said,
“When I think of the shops that have stolen a piece
of my own heart, I find they are the ones that inspire me to dream---and the ones whose owners treat customers as dear friends."


The Editors of Victoria magazine have always
treated us as dear friends.
Sharing the dreams and visions of so many women
was one such way.


Review with me some of the inspirations over the years
and tell me. Couldn’t they be culled from your dream
list today. Aren’t these visions timeless – quite
appealing to us today….












This is one of the reasons I continue to be inspired
by the back issues of Victoria Magazine
and, thankfully, by the current issues.

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Creating Your Summer 

In the 1999 and the 2000 issues of Victoria magazine
a 'Bliss Team' was created -
Tricia Foley, Leslie George, Nancy Lindemeyer, Susan Maher and Robin Reiser.

"Be Happy. It's one way of being wise"

Planning Your Bliss

First up in the morning...

"Put aside a pretty cup
Some Irish Breakfast tea
Buy a dozen oranges
Find the juicer at the top of the closet
And something juicy to read
Start with a stretch
Add peppermint shampoo with a hint of tangerine
Then you'll need a linen robe
Comfy slippers
A favorite blanket
A place to put up your feet

The morning is yours
to take a walk
to take up needlepoint
to take on nothing at all"

These Delightsome Ladies created their
B list
White linen shadow striped robe
natural raffia slippers
Botanica tea with seven herbs
White perfect-to-hold cup
Grass-scented laundry fragrance
Classic woodframe screen door.

Encouraging beauty

The Bliss team encouraged us to find items
that would inspire us to be good to ourselves.

Freshly scented products, soft textures
and a clear, bright summer afternoon
to wile away the hours in.

The Perfect Thing


"Hovering just above our thoughts, hats are all about dreams."

Give the gift of Bliss

Set aside time to do those tasks
for yourself or for others that you've
been meaning to do.

Bliss Invitation

Invite your truest friends to lunch amongh
the trees
offer a lovely, simple summer lunch

(bring your own breeze)
Name your own Bliss

"standing in the doorway, waiting on a sudden downpour"

"forgetting the time"

"A long train ride"

"The sound of flip-flops"

"A suitcase with five things in it"

"Drying your hair in the wind"

"Writing your name in the sand"

These are some of the suggestions
sent to Victoria magazine in the 1999

How would you name your


Wishing you a very Delightsome day,

Enchantments of Summer
through the pages of
Victoria Magazine

Enchantments of Summer
through the pages of
Victoria Magazine

A cloud filled bright-blue sky.
The fragrance of flowers in the breeze.
Picnics under the shade of trees.

The sights and the sounds of the busy birds and bees
Games on the lawn or a leisurely nap in a swaying hammock.
These are but a few enchantments of a Summer day.
Victoria magazine shared with us some beautiful examples
of Summer enchantments over the years in the July issues.

Capturing the summer light by the sea.
American artist Frank Benson was featured in
the 1992 issue. Bensons artwork depicting his
family in their summer whites enjoying the 
surroundings at their summer home in Maine.

Listening to Summer from a porch.
In the 'Chimes' section of the 1993 issue
of Victoria magazine, Kill Waller recalls memories
of summer on the lake, reading on the porch and
going on treasure hunts.

Days lazing on the beach are recalled in the July 1994 issue with a quote by Anne Morrow Lindbergh,
"one should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach - waiting for a gift from the sea".

From an Herb Lover's Garden
A delightful setting in an herb garden 
celebrating the cuisine of herbs
upon a beautiful lace tablecloth 

Celebrating the allure of picnics.
One is transported by this romantic setting
under a canopy of leaves in the 1996 issue
of Victoria Magazine.

Antique wicker and antique lace tablecloths
set a lovely table beneath a rose filled garden
in North Carolina where a couple restored
an old Victorian Glass House for their daughter's wedding.

I was so thrilled to see this colorful picture with a 
garden statuary so very similar to one of my dear ladies
I recently painted and shared with you here.
In the 1998 issue of Victoria the Garden Artistry of
Agatha Youngblood's California garden is shared.

Summer = Pleasant, light and airy rooms. The rooms of
an echanting home in Tennessee are shared in the 1999 
issue of Victoria Magazine.

Gorgeous Senggigi baskets and food covers for 
outdoor dining are shared in the 2008 issue of Victoria Magazine.

Summer is filled with enchantments that have inspired
artists and poets over the years. Celebrating the beauty of
life is one of those Lovelies we can enjoy each day.

Thank you for your visit.

Wishing you a very Delightsome day,

A Return to Loveliness


'Known in the orient as the flower of twenty days, the peony enjoys a deliciously brief moment of glory.'

'For most of spring, the flower's lush, fluffy pompoms are but a promise, until all of nature bursts into perfume and powdery pastels.'

'Then as suddenly as they arrived, the Peonies are gone again, lingering through the summer as a frilly memory.'
Tovah Martin
Victoria Magazine 1992

Tovah sang the praises of one of the most beautiful flowers that can be found in one's garden.

She said peonies were as 'ephemeral as fireflies'.('92)

'Flowers that make artists of us all' ('92)

In the 1996 issue of Victoria Magazine,
we are introduced to 
'The Garden that Celebrates a Single
Beloved Flower'

Tovah shared J. Watson Webb Jr.'s garden in Burlington, Vermont. 
Here one could find a full acre devoted to this feathery bundle of petals in every hue.
Webb's home is surrounded by these
amazing blooms and his enthusiastic garden
cascades along to Lake Champlain near his home.
Webb estimated that he had 2003
Peonies planted in his garden.

"you should see them at twilight
with petals silhouetted against the 
northern sunset", he said.

In the 2003 issue of Victoria Magazine

Tovah once again shared a family estate
with 'its labyrinth of thick walls and arched doorways beckoning into sequestered gardens". 
Linwood gardens are famed for their
tree Peonies and for hybridizers like
Nassos Daphnis who worked with owner Lee Gratwick's father to create tree Peony specimens such as 'Leda' and 'Gauguin'.
According to Gratwick, the most reliable way to propagate tree peonies is to graft
cuttings into the roots of herbaceous peonies. The cuttings will then form their own roots.
"I am sure the Rose is jealous"
Alice Morse Earle
Peonies hold a dear place in our hearts -

the anticipation of their arrival brings us into our gardens on a daily basis - the unfolding of their voluminous blooms brings
joy to our hearts.

Yes, their presence is fleeting, but their memory
will linger andbring a smile to our faces -

until the next spring.
Thank you for your visit, I hope you've enjoyed my tribute to Spring's fleeting guest, the Peony.

Wishing you a very Delightsome day,