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A Return to Loveliness


'Known in the orient as the flower of twenty days, the peony enjoys a deliciously brief moment of glory.'

'For most of spring, the flower's lush, fluffy pompoms are but a promise, until all of nature bursts into perfume and powdery pastels.'

'Then as suddenly as they arrived, the Peonies are gone again, lingering through the summer as a frilly memory.'
Tovah Martin
Victoria Magazine 1992

Tovah sang the praises of one of the most beautiful flowers that can be found in one's garden.

She said peonies were as 'ephemeral as fireflies'.('92)

'Flowers that make artists of us all' ('92)

In the 1996 issue of Victoria Magazine,
we are introduced to 
'The Garden that Celebrates a Single
Beloved Flower'

Tovah shared J. Watson Webb Jr.'s garden in Burlington, Vermont. 
Here one could find a full acre devoted to this feathery bundle of petals in every hue.
Webb's home is surrounded by these
amazing blooms and his enthusiastic garden
cascades along to Lake Champlain near his home.
Webb estimated that he had 2003
Peonies planted in his garden.

"you should see them at twilight
with petals silhouetted against the 
northern sunset", he said.

In the 2003 issue of Victoria Magazine

Tovah once again shared a family estate
with 'its labyrinth of thick walls and arched doorways beckoning into sequestered gardens". 
Linwood gardens are famed for their
tree Peonies and for hybridizers like
Nassos Daphnis who worked with owner Lee Gratwick's father to create tree Peony specimens such as 'Leda' and 'Gauguin'.
According to Gratwick, the most reliable way to propagate tree peonies is to graft
cuttings into the roots of herbaceous peonies. The cuttings will then form their own roots.
"I am sure the Rose is jealous"
Alice Morse Earle
Peonies hold a dear place in our hearts -

the anticipation of their arrival brings us into our gardens on a daily basis - the unfolding of their voluminous blooms brings
joy to our hearts.

Yes, their presence is fleeting, but their memory
will linger andbring a smile to our faces -

until the next spring.
Thank you for your visit, I hope you've enjoyed my tribute to Spring's fleeting guest, the Peony.

Wishing you a very Delightsome day,