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The Magic of Words

Some people have the gift of taking words 
and transporting us to other places
reaching into our hearts and revealing
our innermost thoughts and dreams.

One such person was Merle Shain, 
who was featured in the February 1989 issue
of Victoria.

"Merle Shain has been credited with having
insights as sharp as finely cut crystal. One 
wonders if she has not been inspired by the
quality of the things she has gathered about her

so many have the richness of treasures long
stored in trunks or the vivacity of a newly 
bloomed garden. A collector with the soul of a 

curator, Merle takes pleasure in finding and 
displaying her collectibles. 

" We can talk of give and take,
of what one must do if one wants love,

of all the sacrifices one must make,
but the hardest thing of all is to see
other  persons  as they really are, 
and love them for themselves, and 
understand that hearts cannot be 
demanded as a tithe...and one does not
earn a lover's wage by giving love to 
oneself, only by giving it to another".

"All of life is a learning experience.
Learning how to see ourselves and others
in a kinder, gentler light, learning how to 
see life not so much as a box but as a river,
learning how to juggle your own frailties
and those of others with equal care,
learning that helping someone love themselves
is a far better way to get love for yourself
than demanding that they love you...."

Merle passed away that same year.

Her words, though, are kept for us to 
read and to treasure in her works.

Some Men Are More Perfect Than Others
When Lovers Are Friends
Hearts That We Broke Long Ago
Courage My Love
Victoria Magazine introduced us to 
loveliness in word and in picture.
Introduced us to wonderful 
Victoria Magazine brings a bit of bliss
into our lives.

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Images and quotes from Victoria Magazine February 1989