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A Return to Loveliness

Beauty and Bliss
Bliss and Victoria

have become synonymous.
Beauty and Bliss takes on an extra
special meaning.
I love how Victoria Magazine often encourages
us to be the best we can be – in our homes and in
our personal lives ~ in such a feminine fashion.

This includes going beyond merely recommending and introcuding us to various skin care products.

But, doing it in such a manner that we
are encouraged to nurture our feminine selves.

That includes creating places in our homes that
encourages us to make our homes what they should be -
havens of love, rest and restoration.

The best beauty advice I have ever received
came from a wonderful French woman,

who learned from her herbalist mother the
art of herbs. She developed a skin care line
and briefly supplied this product here in the
U.S. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity

to use her products. I am like many of you - I have
searched and listened to many on the advice  of
others - often wondering does this really work?!
I have learned you don't have to spend a fortune

to have good skin. As Jane said, "I believe
that the vitality of the skin, which is the largest
organ of the body, is influenced by the mind as well as the use of the natural sources and, of course, by proper body functions".

"Beauty is a whole unity associated with the inner
feelings, a mirror of the soul. A serene face is not a
lifeless face, and the fine expression lines
which often depress a woman are, in fact,
the prints of one's life experience and
the expression of sentiments".
Jane Seybeyran

Jane was a 'pioneer esthetian introducing
aromatherapy and the natural care for the
skin in the United States"

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Forever Beautiful: The French Natural Beauty Concept