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A Return to Loveliness 2


Dear Friends….
This is how Nancy Lindemeyer addressed us each month in, what I began to thing of as my special note to me.
Do you keep old letters and cards? I must admit; I am extremely sentimental. I grew up across the country from all of my relatives. I have kept letters from my grandmother, aunt and cousins throughout those years. I have letters sent to me from my parents while I was away in college. I have all of the notes and cards given to me by my husband and children.

Each back issue of the Victoria holds a special note to her friends from Nancy Lindemeyer.
The first letters reflect the joys of discovery and sharing. The discoveries in the ideas, stories and pictures shared with the readers. The sharing in that so many wrote back to Victoria to express their gratitude and a bit of their bliss.

In the Summer 1988 issue Nancy wrote, “When I was a little girl, I used to so look forward to the letters my grandmother received from her brother and sisters. My grandmother belonged to the generation that believed in corresponding; phone calls were rare. So, when letters arrived from her siblings’ homes in Alaska, Colorado, and Nebraska, she would often read them to me”.
Nancy continued to share how that each work day she would spend time with the letters sent by Victoria readers. She would note how readers would account how they were sharing their Victorias with family and friends and sharing them as gifts.

“This letter is my opportunity to tell you how much this means to us, and how good it is to know the pleasure VICTORIA is bringing. My reverence for correspondence is greater than ever before---but, of course, I should have known my grandmother was right about that, too”.

I am grateful for Nancy Lindemeyer and her influence on Victoria Magazine. Her presence and her perspective helped to guide Victoria into each reader’s hearts, minds and souls.
We found a kindred spirit in Victoria magazine and in Nancy Lindemeyer.
I just discovered that Nancy has her own blog called, “Nancy Lindemeyer’s Journal”. 
You can find her here! Nancy has also written a book called, “My First Best Friend”. 
What a joy to share thoughts over the years through our beloved Victoria! What a joy to find Nancy Lindemeyer continuing to share her heart and thoughts to us here!