A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

A Return to Loveliness 1


Capturing the Moment
Photographic work of
Toshi Otsuki

 A part of the charm of Victoria Magazine is the photography. The images were pieces of artwork strewn throughout her issues to delight, to entice and to enthrall the reader.
Toshi Otsuki became one of the favorite photographers to a number of Victoria enthusiasts.

Toshi Otsuki’s lightly hued 
photography transported 
Victoria’s readers to places
 and times, causing us to pause,
 to reflect and to nourish our hearts and our minds.

An article in the 1991 July issue
Chronicles Toshi Otsuki’s visions
of Central Park

A scene overlooking Central Park
 blanketed in Spring colors

reflecting and cherishing quiet moments in our lives

the beauty of tea time is not only the Delightsome
teapots and teacups, but also the savoring of the rhythms of life.

Images of flowers and gardens are reminiscent of
Impressionist paintings

It was the capturing of moments and transporting us 
there that was the magic of the photography of
Toshi Otsuki