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A Return to Loveliness 8

 An Affection for Honey

Savoring the Bee’s Kiss

An article in the 1990 issue of Victoria captured my heart.

I am a terrific fan of honey 

and the article’s title (repeated above),
as well as the quote below, intrigued me.
‘“From my kitchen window, I love to look out on my garden and watch the bees float from flower to flower, making beautiful food for us,” reflects Rhode Island writer and cook Philis Bennett. Here she shares her sweetest recipes, the result of a lifetime honeymoon with the food described by one poet as
“the essence of vanished flowers”.’

According to the article, Philis’ “fondness for honey reaches back to her childhood days of picking blueberries to smother with milk and honey.”
Victoria writes that Philis continued to favor honey as her source
to sweeten recipes.

Pictured in crystal jars are some of Philis’ special honeys
flavored with ginger, citrus, berries or her own home-grown
‘”If you can warm honey on the stove and blend it with fruit or
spices, you can give it the most enticing taste,”’ Victoria
quoted Philis.


I have taken the recipes provided and have made

strawberry honey
lavender honey
citrus honey
Honey can vary widely as a result of the flowers visited by the bees.

According to Victoria, for her recipes

Philis would gather honey on her travels.
I will be making over the next few days and weeks some of Philis’
recipes to share with you:
Honey Tart
Honey Ice Cream
Milk and Honey Caramels
Honey Cake with Ginger
Milk and Honey Bread with Honey Butter
Honey Waffles
Honey Flan

for the flavored honeys:

1 16 oz jar light-colored honey
zest of 2 lemons
1 16 oz jar light colored honey
6 or 7 sprigs fresh herb such as
lavender, mint, thyme, or rosemary
1 16 oz jar light-colored honey
½ cup fresh raspberries or strawberries.
For each:
In a small saucepan, stir honey over medium heat
until warmed through.
Place added ingredient into honey
Pour into heat-proof jar.
Cool at room temperature
Cover tightly – let stand 1 week.
For berry honey stand for three days then refrigerate.
Citrus honey can be served over smoked meats or in
Fruit salad or iced tea.
Herb flavored honey can be served over biscuits, or glaze
grilling meats.
Berry Honey can be served on nut breads, waffles or pancakes.

I have tried to find additional information on Philis Bennett, but have not been successful – as of yet.
I appreciate you joining me this week.

Wishing you a very Delightsome day,