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Finding the Quiet
Center of One’s Life

I am fascinated in that this time of the year I find myself
and others are reevaluating certain things in their lives. Whether
it be the scheme in their garden, the arrangement of the
decorations in their homes, their personal , mental
and physical life. Is it built into us? Is it due in part
to the onset of the Fall Season?

photo Toshi Otsuki - Victoria 1993

I love this thought visited by Victoria in
the September issues –

Finding the Quiet Center of One’s Life

photo Thomas Hooper Victoria 1993

Nancy Lindemeyer quoted Sarah Orne Jewett in the 1993 issue,
“Find your own quiet centre of life, and write from that to
the world”, the novelist advised Willa Cather.

photo Toshi Otsuki Victoria 1993

Nancy further noted that this advice “struck a chord”, that
she always “felt that so much in life – writing, painting,
mothering—falls into place when we address our own
quiet centers.

photo Toshi Otsuki Victoria 1993

I agree with Nancy that finding our own quiet centers takes
time “to bring us to a place of tranquility". It is through our
life experiences, through learning from others that we can

chart our life’s courses and see where we want to be, who
we want to be and how we want to live and appreciate our
life her on earth. 

photo Toshi Otsuki Victoria 1993

What wonderful advice from an extraordinary lady.

Wishing you a very Delightsome day,