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A Return to Loveliness 6

Victoria Classics
a worthy investment

Last week, Bella from Bella’s Rose Cottage 
Beautifully shared the special edition
Victoria in a teatime tribute.
I had been looking for this special edition

Rooms of Bliss

and I had not had the opportunity until
last week to purchase one.
Oh, I am so glad that I did.
This is a treat, a treasure a keepsake.
I plan to get a couple more.

This issue is filled with fabulous
Photography depicting the very type of
interior decorating that appeals to one’s heart.
Rooms of Bliss was created from a collection of
photographs from the earlier years of Victoria.

Cottage Style p. 8
Dreamy Whites p. 10

Living Spaces p. 19
Restful Retreats p. 22
Floral Accents p. 30
Cozy and Inviting Tablescapes
Passions and Pursuits p. 42
Collections of Impact p 48
Artful Display p. 58

This edition is filled with beautiful inspirations
that will take you back to those early years.
I believe that over the years, the style and the character
of Victoria magazine has been timeless. This edition fulfills that accomplishment. I am most grateful to those at
Hoffman Media for sharing these treasures with us.

In addition, there are several pictures from our favorite photographer Toshi Otsuki.

Wishing you a very Delightsome day,