A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

A Return to Loveliness 5



Two words began to define the August issues of Victoria
You felt as if someone special and someone you admired were taking you aside to share with you their personal shopping sources and secrets.
Not only that – but, they were also very feminine, romantic finds.
Vol 2-No 3: Introduced us to Susan Lieberman's Paris 1900 in
Santa Monica, CA.

In this issue we are introduce to 'a timeless point of view' in a reverence
for romance and tradition in a lace-filled home.

"'Divine,' she kept saying. 'Divine. She couldn't pass a fern or a berry
without wanting to know its pedigree and insisted on getting the Latin
name," Humphrey Bogart said of Katharine Hepburn.  Here a tribute to
a woman who is herself divine'".

Ahhh, what a wonderful combination. Leslie Caron, Roses and Paris. Later
Victoria would regularly celebrate Paris, but in this issue we have a glimmer
a taste of good things to come.

A Shop of One's Own, Victoria features in this issue a few of the many
women who dreamed of owning a business all their own.
This issue is jam-packed with several lovely shops owned by
women of Kindred Spirits.

This month again features 'enterprising women' 'Sharing Hands and Hearts'.
In this issue shops from Santa Fe to the Bombay Company are explored.

Linens, clothing, pillows and antique buttons are but a few of the
topics covered in this issue. Again, Victoria covers a number of
entrepreneurial women in, "Hearts and Hands".

This issue features some 'Flower Shops with Personal Flair'.
As well as 'Cooking with Nora" stating that, 'proof that
simple, fresh ingredients are the most versatile of all'.

In this issue, entrepreneurs are described as 'Bliss Seekers'. In addition, Porcelain
Lace is featured, a tableware pattern created by a North Carolina couple.
A woman not only owns a delightful flower shop, but she also brings
her flowers home 'swagged with enchantment'.

'"The Business of Bliss" a salute to achieving women from coast to coast';
Essential Whites; Habersham; Chef marie Ricco; and Bone Bouche Catering
are but some of the shops and lovely delights covered in this issue.

"The Business of Bliss - a Tribute to Entrepreneurial Excellence".
The vanishing art of handmade notecards; Mary Carol Garrity's stores in
Kansas are explored; Kate Flax's 'Festival of Papers and Carolyn Quartermaine's
artwork are some of the topics in this issue.

This year's issue shows a bit of a change in the look and order of
Victoria. Within this issue remains some of the original lure - but, not all.
Again, this is an issue filled with articles celebrating women and
the "Business of Bliss".

This issue of Victoria looks to me like someone trying to wear someone else's
clothing. In this issue our dear friend Nancy Lindemeyer is no longer the
Editor in Chief. Articles are segmented into 'Departments and Features'.

This is the final August issue of the original publication. There are very
good articles featured covering Pine Cone Hill, Albert Hadley, an Adirondack
cabin and articles on tomatoes and blueberries. The charm and feminine
aspect that once drew so many Kindred Spirits is missing.

Reviewing this month’s issues has not dampened my love and enthusiasm for Victoria. I am and will continue to be grateful for the inspired vision in its origin. I will be thankful to those who dreamt of something different to offer women in this cookie cutter world. I am grateful too to Hoffman Media for taking up Victoria’s mantle and attempting to bring back the ‘feminine’
aspect of our beloved magazine.