A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

A Return to Loveliness 16

Embracing the Best
Things in Life

There are things in our lives that strike a chord in our hearts.
Things that connect us to places, people and time.
I was struck once again by Jacqueline
Cabin & Cottage’s post last week
in her keepsakes post.

I am very sentimental and keep things that remind me
of people, places and times gone by.
These are my treasures.

these are some of my treasures that are of sentimental meaning to me
my great-grandfather gave gold coins to my dad, who
in turn gave them to his children

this butterfly jewelry box was given to me by my son who
purchased this in Costa Rica while serving on a mission trip

one of the sweet-thoughtful gifts from my husband

one of my mother's strand of pearls along
with the first bottle of delicious perfume
my husband bought for me

this is another strand of pearls from my mother
and her cocktail ring

a silver and pewter letter opener and a
coin purse that my were my great-grandfathers

a silver spoon that was my grandmothers

a portrait of my great-great grandmother
- she and I have quite a lot of the same features
wish I had her thick hair!

But, what would I consider the best things in life
My relationship with God
My Dearest Husband
My Darling Children
Family & Friends
And those things that add
to our lives

I love how Victoria touches the best in the heart of a woman.
Recognizing and celebrating femininity.

I gathered a few things throughout my house
Treasures – mementos
that cause me to pause and to cherish-embrace
The Best Things in Life
do you have a few things that hold
a special place in your heart?