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As I was preparing this book review, I happened to receive the latest issue of Victoria Magazine. The 2012 March/April issue features beautiful articles on the city of Charleston, SC. Also, available is Victoria Classics – Teatime Bliss. Within this issue you will find over ‘75 recipes, elegant tablescapes and tips for the delecate art of tea’. Together, with Laura Child’s latest chapter in the Tea Shop Mystery series, I could not imagine a more pleasing collection of reading material to while away these waning days of winter.

The Agony Of The Leaves

It is springtime in Charleston and we find our intrepid heroine Theodosia Brownley, proprietor of Indigo Tea Shop,  taking a moments breather from catering a grand opening event at the Neptune Aquarium.

Theodosia is transfixed by the tranquil scenery behind the tempered glass of the large Ocean Wall when she notices something out of place, bobbing around in the water among the sea creatures and sea vegetation. 

Theodosia’s startling and personally troubling discovery sets in motion events with a chorus of characters surrounding this disturbing event.

Readers of The Tea Shop Mystery books become familiar with the cast of characters set in the romantic, steamy backdrop of Charleston, a place filled with old families, old money, gossip and lots of intrigue.

The agony of the leaves is an expression describing the dance tea leaves make as they ‘give up their essence in the teapot’s steaming water’. Similarly, Theodosia will swirl and dance through the steamy waters of evidence, clues and questionable characters pertinent to the mystery set before her in this 13th tale in the Tea Shop Mysteries written by Laura Childs.

This tale of mystery and intrigue is well played out within the setting of one of the country’s most enchanting cities. Laura Childs takes you on a memory trip if you’ve been to Charleston or taps your imagination with the well-described people and places as she brings to light the charm of this historic city in the Deep South. 

This is my first go round with Laura Child’s Tea Shop Mysteries and I am hooked! I can’t wait to go back to the beginning and to discover the development of these excellent characters and to learn even more about the art of tea time. 

Laura Childs weaves within her stories her love of and her incredible knowledge of tea and its history. Not only this, but Laura Childs also shares with you recipes to some of the very many savory and sweet offerings served in the Indigo Tea Shop.

I have chosen to serve Laura's Peach Pecan Bread along with cream scones, lemon curd and fresh fruit to be accompanied by Assam tea by Ahmad Tea, London. My husband loved the bread.
 I appreciate your visit and I hope you take a moment to explore Laura Child's, 'The Agony of the Leaves'. This wonderful book will be available March 6. You can order this book through her website or through Amazon. 
Laura Childs is the New York Times best selling author of the Tea Shop Mysteries, Scrapbook Mysteries and Cackleberry Club Mysteries.