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Love Letters

After my parent’s death, my siblings and I went through the things stored in my parent’s attic. In an old black military trunk alongside my Dad’s Navy uniform were bundles of letters tied with ribbon. During the several months my Dad was out to sea my parents would keep in touch through letters.

When I saw these letters, to me they seemed sacred. These were private thoughts and wishes shared between two lovers.

Someday, I am sure we’ll get together to read these letters. 
But, for a while, we’ll hold them dear.

For Centuries, correspondence bearing a familiar handwriting and perhaps perfumed with a signature fragrance were anticipated sending the receiver to a private corner to take in the words from the heart of another.

One of my favorite books is a compilation of love letters from Stonewall Jackson to his wife Anna. 'Beloved Bride', shows the tender side to a man known for his ‘iron will and stern self discipline’. Stonewall Jackson was a man of deep abiding faith in God and maintained tremendous integrity.

Despite being in the deep throes of war, Stonewall Jackson made time to write long, tender letters of his love and devotion to his wife, Anna.

This would be a lovely tea time read and a wonderful book to share with sons as an example of a strong, Christian husband.

I too have kept all the cards and letters my husband has given me over the years. They’re stored in boxes and tins in my wardrobe. Perhaps someday, my children will go through these letters and see the deep abiding faith in my husband and be comforted by the deep love we share for one another.



To Mom and Dad – I miss you very much.
To my Dearest, I thank God for you and love you deeply.