A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.
Winter’s Palate

I have taken my inspiration for this post from my January 1991 and January 2000 issues of Victoria Magazine.

The quality of light in the wintertime has its own characteristics. This light affects the shades and moods in the rooms of a home. Outdoors, winter’s palate is a muted combination of whites, browns, greys, golds and greens.

Indoors, we complement these colors, which to me bring a sense of serenity and tranquility. There’s a sense of quiet outdoors in winter, save for the cheery, chirpy birds first thing in the morning.

In the 1991 issue, we read of the ‘precious quality of light’ and in the 2000 issue, we read of a home whose muted palate is taken from a piece of tapestry.

In my home, I have taken shades of white, amber, silver, gold, green, blue and brown to change over the décor from the festive Christmas décor to a winter décor.
In the kitchen, I shared with you my changes here.

In the dining room, I have returned a favorite centerpiece that combines textures and colors that appeal and greet visitors as a preview of the winter color scheme in the other rooms of my home.

In the living room I shared my inspirations with you here and here.

In the bedroom, I have taken the muted colors from a heavy, tapestry blanket to bring together the soothing colors of winter.

It has been fun to take a few things combined with others of certain hues and temperatures to create a soothing, serene ambiance in my home.

Wishing you a most Delightsome week,