A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

The Romantic Heart

In the midst of winter Victoria Magazine 
has shared our romantic sentiments. 

During the month of February, in tributes to beauty and romance Victoria Magazine editors share with us Valentines, roses, lace, weddings, beautiful décor, delicious recipes – chocolate, poetry, as well as people and places that transport us in tributes to beauty and romance. 

On this chilly, rain-filled Monday, I enjoy a 
comforting cup of tea and dream of spring 
and of summer – of roses – of lunches 
in the garden, of  relaxing in the hammock
 beneath leafy bowers.

I dream of romantic changes and touches 
I plan to add to the rooms in our home.

I dream of picking fresh fruit and vegetables.
And I dream of people and places I’d love to meet and to visit.

Sentimental – romantic – definitely a sense one is given while 
perusing through the pages of Victoria magazine’s February issues. 

I am enchanted by the lovely gilded rose dessert set I found at the
flea market last week. The maker’s mark has a crown with the words
Royal Crown below. I haven’t been able to identify this – whether it is new or vintage. But, I am completely delighted by the delicate design.

While I enjoy the tea and treats, I note that several of the February Victoria Magazine covers are collages of Valentine ephemera created by Cynthia Hart. Her creative work can be seen on the 1992-1996 Victoria magazine covers.

It is those things shared in the February Victoria magazine issues that touch 
our romantic heart  causing us to dream of rose filled gardens, lacy touches, 
the romance of Valentines and more that draw our hearts – 
that connect us as Kindred Spirits.