A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.
First Monthly
September 1989

In this first monthly issue, Nancy Lindemeyer celebrated September as being a month of new beginnings.
With the warmth of summer still lingering, students young and old begin the school year setting an atmosphere of exhiliration and expectation.
Nancy noted in her ‘Dear Friends’ letter, “The exuberance never fails to give the pace of my life a gentle nudge”.
There is a sense of catching our second wind just as summer winds down its verdant, hot days and the hint of autumn can be felt in the cool breezes of the morning.
In this first monthly issue, Victoria celebrated those who preserved the beauty and rarity of flowers.

A Country Weekend Pressed In Memory

Collecting Flowers of the Sea

Preserving Summer’s Glories

Flowers and Flourishes

Helen & Daughters:
Cultivating a Family Enterprise

A Fruited Tapestry

A Victorian Exuberance

From Crabree & Evelyn:
A Taste of Bountiful Cooking

It is a wonderful joyous travel to sift through the pages of Victoria past. I am cheered to find the kindred spirit I discovered many years back, to continually  be timeless – not dated and to celebrate those feminine things we love.

Wishing you a very Delightsome day,