A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

I have been enthralled by this book for a very long time.
It is about a home, where each room tells a story through the
use of Tromp l’oeil.

I am enjoying looking through the pages of this enchanting book with my teacup
 I won a while back from our friend Martha.

A Country Living book, by the editor, Nina Williams, this book takes you through ‘a fairy tale inspired by Provence’.
The tale touches all that is Provence, Lavender, farm life and vineyards.

Simply charming and inspiring.
The heroine of this story is Severine.

A definite feast for the eyes and the imagination you will find
the things that Nina finds charming about a Provencal farmhouse






and more.

We each want to make our homes a reflection of ourselves and of
the things that touch our heart.

Nina’s life-size storybook had inspired me at our previous home to create a few tromp l’oeils myself.

I am currently working on this one in one of the rooms of our home.
I have borrowed Severine to grace this tromp l’oeil – a guest strolling through my garden.

I hope you have a very Delightsome week,