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What bliss to find last week during one of my breaks from jury duty that my beloved Victoria Magazine had arrived. Not only that, but the
Christmas issue.

I am so happy to do my civic duty, but this trial weighed heavily on my heart – I needed just this lift.  Also, I had prayed that God would give me peace and remove worry from my heart. He is so good.
To top it off, I received, From Heart and Hand. 

A book on crafts and gifts published by Victoria Magazine in 1996. The crafts shared, I was pleased to find are timeless and perfect.

I hope to make a great deal of my Christmas gifts this year – to let those whom I love know – they were truly from my heart and my hand.
A restful cup of tea, beautiful images from Victoria magazine and the book,

 I was invigorated and renewed to return to the courthouse. I live a couple blocks away, so thankfully the weather was fine and the walk refreshing.

Christmas is just a few weeks away. Are you dreaming and planning your d├ęcor, your Christmas food and your Christmas gifts? I am!

I hope you have opportunity to get a copy of the latest Victoria! I find such inspiration there and in my other magazines – Country Living, Romantic Home and more!
Isn’t it wonderful to find such inspiration from Kindred Spirits!

Wishing you a most Delightsome day!

images from 2011 Victoria magazine and From Heart and Hands '96