A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

A Return To Loveliness

Enchanted April

The April issues of Victoria Magazine often featured 
beautiful gardens and inspired gardeners.

I think we who garden endeavor to create our own
Secret Garden. 

Misselthwaite Manor

There's not a more enchanting story 
involving a garden, children, love, broken hearts 
and renewed life than the one created
by Francis Hodgson-Burnett.

Our hearts are given over to Mary in her
sad plight being orphaned and sent to a faraway, 
unknown land. Mary finds a strange household,
a distant host and a mystery which leads
her to a wondrous place that gives her purpose
and hope.

Mary finds friendship in the most
unlikely places and restores not only a beloved, 
neglected garden but also a beloved and neglected child.

This Secret Garden created by Burnett is one that
we dream of creating for ourselves - 
an Eden of flowers, fauna, love and laughter and 
to bring magic in the garden.

The 1997 April issue of Victoria featured some very
beautiful gardens - one where a family created a 
garden playhouse which they named Misselthwaite Manor.

Suzanne Bale's garden showed how she 'would never dream of interfering with a rose's travels'.

Claire Murray demonstrated how she brought her
beautiful garden to life by creating colorful hooked rugs.

The magic of lanterns and twilight gardens
of Missy Stevens and Tommy Simpson inspires
us to bring these lovely lanterns into our gardens
to bring an air of light and mystery
similar to the painting above.

A while back, I shared with you that my husband brought home some limbs from an old Crape Myrtle he was

cleaning up. He thought we could do something with them.
Immediately, I thought of an arbor. 
Last night we put the puzzle together.
Here's a sneak peak. 

Gardeners create their own Edens throughout the year
adding whatever touches their heart.
I hope you're enjoying your April Enchanted garden today.
Thank you for your visit.

The key to Secret Garden
Wishing you a very Delightsome day,