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Happy Birthday
Queen Victoria

Born on May 24, 1819, Victoria has long inspired and intrigued women.
In the 1994 May issue of Victoria Magazine,
Nancy Lindemeyer shared, "I see ever more clearly in the life of Queen Victoria the same challenges contemporary women face in juggling career and family."

Victoria became Queen of England at a very young age and later married her beloved, Albert. She raised a large family, ruled a country
and enacted changes that have changed England.

Queen Victoria was an accomplished artist and an avid journalist.
In Carolly Erickson's book, "Her Little Magesty" 

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee was noted indicating that the people 
of the country gathered to cheer their Queen with joy.

"The cheering was quite deafening," Carolly quotes from Victoria's journal,
"and every face seemed to be filled with real joy".
As a spontaneous singing of "God Save The Queen" erupted Carolly noted that 'waves of emotion seemed to pulse through the mass of humanity, tides of affection and sentiment and pride."

"The frail, child-sized figure in her carriage was the focus of all eyes, the tender object of all hearts...Victoria was the crown. Victoria was the empire. Victoria was the royal family. Victoria was Britain, her glory Britain's glory, her endurance Britain's triumphant durability in a world of change".

I will be commemorating Queen Victoria's birthday by watching one of my favorite movies, "Young Victoria". I will also share a sweet tea with my daughter in her honor.

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