A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

Celebrating the art of being Fine and Gracious

looking through March Victoria magazines -
classic and new  for inspiration while enjoying
a quiet cup of tea

Webster's 1828 dictionary defines fine - in characteristic - as being elegant; beautiful in thought; very handsome; beautiful with dignity; accomplished elegant in manner and amiable, noble. 
Being described as 'fine' is not very common today. Similar descriptions may be used, such as gracious or delightful. 

Today, I am very thankful to Phyllis Hoffman for taking up the mantle of the very fine
magazine, Victoria. Phyllis had shared, "The relaunch of Victoria is a dream of mine! I was one of the disappointed subscribers who felt as though a friend was gone when the magazine was closed. Victoria has a passionate readership of women who love every tiny detail of life. The magazine was a visual vacation for us and was a retreat from the hectic daily pace."

Victoria March 1991 - bringing to live the 'daily eloquence' of life portrayed by artist Gari Melcher
Hoffman Media describes Victoria Magazine as, "Victoria, a bimonthly women's lifestyle magazine, is designed to nourish the feminine soul. Created for all who love the timeless appeal of romantic fashions, heritage linens, charming homes, gracious gardens, unique decorative touches and all that is beautiful in life, Victoria promises a return to loveliness. The magazine provides a showcase for women's heritage and harkens to a time when elegance and graciousness were central to every part of life."

Young Woman Sewing
Victoria's adaptation
The classic Victoria did just that and I believe that Phyllis and those
working with her on Victoria Magazine are doing a superb job in 
fulfilling that description.

Penelope - a portrayal of a wife with her needle -  a gesture of truest love.

Victoria's adaptation
It is not an easy thing to take up someone else's work and to recreate
the mood, the tone, the language or the visual. But, I believe that Phyllis is a Kindred Spirit and has worked very hard to fulfill that pledge. 

dining buffet ladened with china and silver
at the ready for tea time visitors

The other magazines published by Hoffman are also ones that are 
geared to a woman's heart - 
What Victoria Magazine did in 1991 to emulate the works
of Melcher - demonstrating works of art honoring 
the everyday life - inviting you to enter and to walk around.

fresh flowers adorn tabletops bringing in the Spring
colors  and fragrance of the garden
I believe Victoria Magazine encourages and portrays the kind
of living so many of us endeavor to do everyday. It is wonderful
to have Kindred Spirits to walk along our side and to inspire us
to live a more gracious life.
favorite dishes displayed on the kitchen counter
invite guests to linger for another cup of tea

I am thankful to those who encourage women to be the best they can be - in a very feminine way - to continue a sense of living our lives thoughtful for ourselves and for our families.