A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

noun – ‘an experiment or period of serene and carefree happiness, usually in beautiful surroundings and often in the context of a romantic relationship

‘…long ago…a little girl used to wake on Sunday morning feeling that a whole life of happiness lay before her in that day.’ Three Houses Angela Thirkell 1931 memoirs

You are aware once you've awaken…there’s no other place on earth you’d rather be than this tranquil room.
The weekend morning belongs to you - to inhabit completely, this day is a longed-for serenity surrounded by the pleasures of a summer weekend.

Frank Weston Benson - The Reader -  A Summer Idyll

(definition continued) a short work in verse or prose, a painting, or a piece of music depicting simple pastoral or rural scenes and the life of country folk, often in idealized terms

oh, the freedom of the day that yielded no rule or time..” Diane Ackerman, Searching for the Comet

Summer weekends are special in that you write the script of your day. There are no alarm clocks, no rushing or schedules, no someplace you have to be. You can rise with the first rays of the sun or you can linger-snuggle down into the softness of the goose-down topped bed.

Breakfast can be a leisurely affair taking in the fragrances and textures of the first day’s meal. Conversation is light and comforting – words wrapped round one’s heart in love and contentment.

(definition continued) a scene or event characterized by tranquility, simple beauty, and innocent charm, usually in a rural setting

The day can be filled however you wish – 

follow your passions, of art, book, garden or strolling through delightsome shops.

A picnic lunch underneath the trees invites one to laugh, linger and perhaps take an afternoon siesta.

 ‘This day has a felling in my picture of warmth and light breezes and sunshine and afternoons that stretch to eternity and mornings full of far-off bells’ A Pale Golden Sunday Angela Thirkell 1931 memoir

The evening falls with golden and rosy shades filling the sky. The air dips and the light breeze caresses – not too chilly. The fireflies begin their dance in the air making one believe in little garden fairies once again. 

Watching the rise of the moon in the evening velvet sky and as the stars make their appearance – bejeweling your view,
you know…this place, this day is your Idyll – your perfect peace.

Wishing you a most Delightsome week,