A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

Afternoon Rain

It has been raining good fashion (as the folks say) here at A Delightsome Life – I have all the doors open and love hearing the pitter pat of the rain on the pathways and the tin roof. Every once in a while there’s a delicious roll of thunder. It hasn’t rained here since April 18! Generally, spring is our wet season setting up the garden to endure the long, hot, dry summer days. I have been helping my garden out with weekly watering – sometimes daily – for those that are in pots.

So, because of the heavenly blessing, I am spending my day indoors. I began the morning with my usual two cups of coffee and am now looking forward to a refreshing cup of afternoon tea. What could be more refreshing than mint tea! Just to smell the invigorating fragrance lifts my spirits and gives me renewed energy.

We had a Delightsome – busy weekend – our middle child graduated from College – praise the LORD! Now, she and her husband can close that chapter of their newly married life.

I have been enjoying visiting a few blogs this morning as well as perusing my stack of May Victorias – so much scope for the imagination and delight for the feminine spirit!