A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.
A Day of Loveliness

If you were to give yourself a Day of Loveliness,
what would you include?

I would begin, by walking in the garden with a lovely cup of coffee with cream. The soft – cool breezes, the song of the birds lift my spirits – I give thanks to God.

I love the indulgence of a bubble bath. There’s nothing more serene than to spend a few moments, soft music in the background, beeswax candles giving the only light –
serene moments to contemplate those things that are lovely.

I love to bring flowers into my home – to meld the beauty of the garden with the atmosphere of the home. Whether I pick flowers from the garden or bring them home from the market – flowers in the room add a sense of loveliness and joy.

I would visit friends or family – to enjoy a lovely lunch, convivial conversation and a lot of laughter.

I would enjoy a lovely cup of tea in the afternoon with a good book. I have been blessed by another intriguing book from Laura Childs, Scones and Bones. I have enjoyed spending time with the wonderful characters she’s created.

I would treasure the moments I spend sharing thoughts, events and memories with my husband in the evening.

I would begin and end my day thanking God for his many blessings and wonder in awe of His love to us all.