A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

Get Cozy and Comfortable

The January issues of Victoria magazine often

spoke of finding a quiet, comfortable
spot in your home.
I am not sure exactly why, but
there’s a sense of calm in the depths of winter.

As the winds blow blustery outdoors we find
comfort in cozy chairs, in fire-lit fireplaces,

in abundance of pillows and blankets.

And for me, in socks! 
socks from Victorian Trading

Our wooden
floors are quite cold in the winter
and I who usually walk barefoot
 find socks to be my best friend.


I find too that I have placed quite a number of cozy

Spots for one to sit, to read or to just gaze out a window.

I have also placed a number of places for one to take

Break for tea or for an afternoon’s nap.


Another cozy comfort of winter
is soups and stews. I made

Paula Deen's recipe
chicken and dumplings for our first dinner of the year,
 a request by my Dearest.


Journaling is another topic in the January
Issues of Victoria.
Victoria Magazine Editor's picks
I wonder, what influence blogging may have been, if
it were as prevalent at the time of her beginning
as it is today.
I am so glad for the opportunity to share with you
my love for Victoria Magazine
my blessed life
Thank you so much for stopping by.