A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

A Return to Loveliness No. 24

Filled with Joy

Reflecting on Victoria’s Return
I'd love you to share a cup of tea with me
and some Bread Pudding.
this is a darling gift my husband gave me for Christmas. He noticed
me 'ohhing and ahhing' over it at a local antique store - of which I plan to
share with you soon.
I was looking at my December Victorias and read the
Letter from Phyllis Hoffman in the first issue of the
revived Victoria.

I was so surprised and excited to see these among my Christmas
and birthday gifts! My daughter acted as Santa's little helper for my
husband. She gave to me the tea and coffee mug as well as the sugar bowl.
The coffee cannister and water jug were from my husband.
She expressed similar sentiments over the impact
Victoria in women’s lives over the years and
the personal sense of loss we all experienced.

I love the detail in this old plant terrarium
“As a young wife and mother, I discovered another dream when Victoria came into my life. I held my breath as I opened the cover. Every page enriched my soul, inspired my thoughts, and took me on a visual vacation. I was captivated. 
I love every curve and every line
When she went away, I mourned, reread issue after issue, and dreamed of her return. …So special, her name is whispered as if she is a breathtaking, refined woman making an entrance at an elegant event.
I am not sure exactly where this will find a home, but I look forward to
decorating with it!
So special, she takes your breath away as you turn page after page revealing photos that take you to places of tranquility and loveliness.”
Phyllis Hoffman, Victoria 
These are so wonderful in their creaminess and laciness! I have
a mug for tea and one for coffee! How Delightsome!
I am so thankful to find the kindred spirit in Phyllis and in so many others. I am thankful for her presence in my life to remind me and to encourage me in the fine art of being a gracious woman.

the antique store had several of these - wonder if I could dare to hope for another!
My daughter crocheted these darling flowers
for a bouquet for me.
It reminds me of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Each one of us touches so many lives and we can never comprehend the impact our life has on others.

I love the lacy detail in this cannister
 I believe Victoria encouraged us to be kind, gentle and gracious women – that is why I love to celebrate Victoria each week with you at A Return to Loveliness.

My heart is filled with joy and thankfulness this wintry morning.
I look forward to the sharing of blessings in the days and weeks to come.
I am enthralled with this extra large Cloche and
Apothecary Jar! So many wonderful things I can do with them!
Rejoicing once more today. I received the latest Victoria Magazine
and a belated Christmas gift of Romantic Touches - a book
published through Victoria Magazine!
Time for one more cup of tea!