A compilations of A Return To Loveliness posts from A Delight Life.

Midsummer Delights

In a few short weeks, we'll notice a change in the air and in the light. 
The signs of autumn will be upon us. I think on these things with anticipation
as I enjoy Chamomile tea in my Mary Kay pink teacup and Greek Yogurt
 with strawberries for breakfast this early morn.

Until autumn arrives, there remains the delights in a midsummer's day.

"Oh, the glory of rising early, in time to see the expanding colors 
of light in your awakening room. A luxurious stretch--sweet 
anticipation of a sunny morn."
Victoria Magazine August 1988

In the summer, mornings are still delicious in their mild air -
 the soft rays of the sun - and most especially in the chorus of 
the songs of the birds. I am quite pleased that my dear
La Marne rose is still giving of her best, this time of the year 
the diminutive blossoms are a paler version of their spring self.

There's a recording of the bird's song called, 'Dawn Chorus: 
The Birds of Morning pro musica".  It captures the joyful 
full-range of birds singing at the height of their mating 
season - early summer. 'To catch every dawning trill and 
symphony of notes rising with the sun'.

What a glorious gift - each day - familiar yet new to enjoy the glories 
of the color of the sky, trees, flora and to hear the symphony of birds singing.

Morning Song
Cheerful at morn, he wakes from short repose, breasts 
the keen air, and carols as he goes.
Oliver Goldsmith

It was a glad "Good Morning" 
As she passed along the way,
But it spread the morning's glory
Over the livelong day
Carlotta Perry

It looked good to him, a calm pre-dawn hush without a 
breath of wind, and not a shadow of a cloud in the high clear sky. 
He took a deep breath....perhaps there had been a shower in the night, 
but the air smelled unusually fresh, carrying with it the odour of 
damp earth and the sweet heavy scent of his roses'
Eva Figes

I hope these early midsummer mornings finds you able to wake early - 
to capture the rising of the sun, to be serenaded by the chorus of 
the birds greeting the day - 

'They are new every morning: great is your faithfulness.'
Lamentations 3:23

They are new every morning - Day and night proclaim the mercy and 
compassion of God. Who could exist throughout the day, if there were 
not a continual superintending Providence? Who could be preserved in 
the night, if the Watchman of Israel ever slumbered or slept? 
(Clarks Commentary)